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How to send a template message with type TEXT

1. Prepare the following text for sending

[id]Template ID[/id]
[var]Variable 1[/var]
[var]Variable 2[/var]
[var]Variable 3[/var]
Inside the [id][/id] tag, insert your template ID.

Use the [var][/var] tags to designate as many variables as are created in your template.

2. Where to get Template ID

1. Open the Gupshup dashboard:
2. Click on the name of your Gupshup App to go to settings:
3. Open the "Templates" tab:
4. Find the approved template you need and copy "Gupshup temp ID":

3. Example of sending a template message

1. Approved template:
2. Text to send:
3. Sending from Bitrix24:
4. The message that the customer will receive:
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